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    In addition to being corrosion-resistant, our FRP fiberglass cable tray is flame retardant and self-extinguishing, making it a safe choice for locations where fire protection is a concern. With their high strength-to-weight ratio and non-conductive properties, our cable trays help minimize the risk of fire and electrical hazards, giving critical facilities such as power plants, hospitals and data centers peace of mind.


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    1. Corrosion Resistance:
    One of the major advantages of FRP cable ladders is their exceptional resistance to corrosion. In highly corrosive environments, such as those found in chemical plants or offshore platforms, FRP cable ladders can withstand exposure to various chemicals, moisture, salt spray, ultraviolet rays, and extreme temperatures without rusting or deteriorating. This corrosion resistance ensures a longer service life for the cable ladders and reduces the need for frequent maintenance.

    2. High Strength-to-Weight Ratio:
    FRP cable ladders are lightweight, yet incredibly strong. This high strength-to-weight ratio offers several benefits. Firstly, it reduces the load on the support structure, making installation easier and less cumbersome. Secondly, it allows for flexibility in designing cable management systems as the lightweight nature of FRP cable ladders enables efficient routing of cables. This enhanced strength also ensures that the cable ladders can bear the weight of heavy cables without sagging or deforming.

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    3. Durability:
    FRP cable ladders exhibit excellent durability, making them incredibly reliable in demanding environments. These cable ladders are impact-resistant, wear-resistant, and fatigue-resistant. Even under heavy loads or extreme conditions, they remain structurally intact. Additionally, FRP cable ladders are fire-resistant, which makes them suitable for installations where fire safety is a concern. The durability of FRP cable ladders extends their service life and helps in minimizing maintenance costs.

    4. Non-Conductive and Non-Magnetic:
    Another significant advantage of FRP cable ladders is their non-conductive and non-magnetic properties. These cable ladders do not interfere with the electrical properties of the cables or cause electromagnetic interference (EMI). This characteristic enhances the safety and reliability of the cable management system, as it ensures that the cables are not impacted by external influences that may affect their performance.

    5. Flexibility in Design:
    FRP cable ladders offer great flexibility in design, allowing for customized solutions to cater to various shapes, sizes, and configurations. The ability to customize the cable ladder system ensures optimal cable routing and efficient utilization of available space. Whether it is a complex network of cables or a small-scale installation, FRP cable ladders can be tailored to meet specific requirements, making them versatile in their application.

    FRP cable ladders have revolutionized cable management systems in corrosive and structurally demanding environments. The advantages of FRP cable ladders, including corrosion resistance, high strength-to-weight ratio, durability, non-conductive and non-magnetic properties, and flexibility in design, make them an excellent choice for cable management. With their extensive benefits, FRP cable ladders offer longevity, reliability, and cost-effectiveness, making them the preferred option compared to traditional metal cable ladders in various industries.

    Size Tickness Length Size Tickness Length Size Tickness Length
    200-100 4/5mm 6000mm 200-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 200-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm
    300-100 4/5mm 6000mm 300-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 300-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm
    400-100 4/5mm 6000mm 400-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 400-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm
    500-100 4/5mm 6000mm 500-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 500-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm
    600-100 4/5mm 6000mm 600-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 600-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm
    800-100 4/5mm 6000mm 800-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 800-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm
    1000-100 4/5mm 6000mm 1000-150 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm 1000-200 4/5/6/8mm 6000mm


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