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  • Performance characteristics of ladder cable tray

    Ladder-type cable tray is very eye-catching, with strong texture and good product characteristics! Its different styles apply different cable trays in different places, and its usage rate in the market is high, which many buyers like and choose.20230203cable-ladder

    Its primary task is to ensure quality! Having first-class quality is the basis for customers to choose. It has very obvious characteristics! Qin Kai is a professional cable bridge manufacturer, focusing on more professional! The product quality and brand image are higher than the market requirements, and have a unique corporate culture style. Good quality is the source of confidence and safety, but also remember to use ladder cable bridge for calibration and wiring! In the following, we will use this point to discuss the relevant characteristics of ladder cable safety. As shown below.

    1. The cable ladder has been carefully designed and reasonably modified, and the air circulation cooling system in the cable tray has been innovated, which has great advantages compared with similar products.  


    2. The surface treatment of cable ladder is divided into electrostatic spraying, galvanizing and painting, and special anti-corrosion treatment is carried out in strong corrosive environment;

    3. Ladder-type cable tray has the advantages of strong heat resistance, low coefficient of thermal expansion, good flame retardance, high insulation performance, corrosion resistance, long service life, and is superior to traditional products. 


    4. Optimize the ladder and bridge structure to improve the flexibility and speed of ladder and bridge installation;

    5. Ladder-type cable tray has light weight, personality and unique appearance. In addition, its heat dissipation performance and excellent permeability are welcomed by construction personnel because of its simple and convenient construction and low cost;

    6. The reasonable use of fireproof enclosure materials for ladder type cable shell greatly improves the fire resistance time and oxygen index of the product during combustion, and is also superior to traditional products.20230203fireproof-cable-ladder

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    Post time: Feb-03-2023