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  • What is the role of solar photovoltaic support, reflected in where?

    The purpose of the solar support is to place and fix the solar panels.

    Photovoltaic support can also be called solar photovoltaic support. It is an accessory in the solar photovoltaic power generation system. Its role is to place, install and fix solar panels. Photovoltaic support manufacturers generally produce photovoltaic support materials are aluminum gold, carbon steel and stainless steel. Carbon steel and stainless steel material as an important solar support bracket, carbon steel surface to do hot dip galvanized treatment, outdoor use for 30 years without rust, features: no welding, no drilling, 100% adjustable, 100% reusable.


    Solar photovoltaic support and accessories are important components of solar photovoltaic power generation system, solar photovoltaic support accessories play a decisive role in the whole solar photovoltaic power generation system, the quality of solar photovoltaic support accessories, seriously affect the power generation efficiency of the whole power generation system, accurate selection, Reasonable installation of solar photovoltaic support accessories system is very necessary. 微信图片_20230227134239

    One of the most important characteristics of the assembly components of any type of solar photovoltaic support design scheme is weather resistance. The structure must be strong and reliable, able to withstand such external effects as atmospheric erosion, wind loads and other external effects. Safe and reliable installation, with the minimum installation cost to achieve the maximum use effect, almost free maintenance, reliable maintenance, these are important factors to consider when making the choice of solutions. 

    As we all know, solar support is an indispensable part of solar energy equipment. It mainly plays a supporting role, that is, to protect our solar energy equipment safely. The main thing is to let our solar energy equipment better accept the sunlight. From here, we can see the importance of our solar support, so its safety is also something we can’t ignore. Here we will focus on its safety issues.

     Solar support

    1. The components, piping system and auxiliary equipment of the solar support must meet the original design requirements and cannot be arbitrarily removed.


    2 support maintenance workers should carefully implement the inspection system to ensure that the hydraulic system of the support is intact, the damaged parts should be inspected and replaced in time, the support leakage, fluid channel should be treated in time, not with disease use. 


    3. All pipelines should be hung neatly and not pressed, buried, squeezed or dismantled.


    4. All the solar support on the working face should meet the good standard, or the support worker has the right to refuse all the manipulation.


    5. Damaged parts and hydraulic hose found in the working face should be replaced in time, replace the old ones should be recovered in time, report to the monitor on the problem that can not be solved, and do not take “disease” operation to ensure that the support is often in good condition.


    6. To check the roof situation, the roof is broken or found to have the phenomenon of falling, to prepare enough anti-falling materials, handle it well and then move the frame, to prevent the phenomenon of falling out of the frame caused by excessive deflection, bite and reverse frame.


    7. Clean up floating coal, floating gangue and other debris between racks, in front of racks and in racks; otherwise, it is not allowed to move racks.


    8. When moving the frame, it is necessary to send a signal to move the frame around the staff. The lower part of the frame and the front part of the frame shall not have any other staff unrelated to the moving frame.


    9. Support workers have the right to refuse to perform any illegal command.


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    Post time: Feb-27-2023