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  • The application range and advantages of grid cable tray

    The application range of grid bridge is quite large, and all walks of life have been involved, most of them are used in data centers, offices, Internet service providers, hospitals, schools/universities, airports and factories, especially the data center and IT room market is a very large piece of bridge applications in the future.

    wire cable tray2

    The application scope and advantages of grid bridge:

    First, grid bridge industrial applications

    1. Open structure of grid bridge allows natural ventilation and heat dissipation of cables, optimizes cable performance and is more energy saving;

    2, the use of European welding technology, each solder joint can bear 500 kg, good bearing performance;

    3, light and flexible, easy to install, can be easily installed on the machine, equipment;

    Second, grid cable tray data center/computer room application

    1, the open structure greatly simplifies the movement, increase and change of the cable, which is suitable for the frequent upgrade and expansion of the data center;

    2, cable root visible, control wiring quality, easy maintenance and troubleshooting; 100*300mm stainless steel grid bridge for cabling and cable management

    3, can be wired from any point, easy to connect with the cabinet rack;

    wire cable tray3

    Third, grid bridge clean industry application

    1, unique vertical installation, cable tied to the solder joint, dust is not easy to gather, promote the clean environment;

    2, the open structure is easy to clean and maintain;

    3, light and flexible, can be close to the production line or around the machine installation;

    wire cable tray8

    Fourth, grid bridge other applications

    1, all bending, tee, four and other transition parts do not need to be customized, are directly processed on the site, convenient and time-saving;

    2, the unique FAS quick installation system and fast connecting parts can greatly save installation time;

    3. Light, the weight is only 1/3-1/6 of the ordinary traditional bridge, and the logistics and transportation are more economical;

    Post time: Oct-18-2023