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    Wire Mesh Cable Tray. Designed with efficiency and function in mind, our wire mesh cable trays are perfect for organizing and supporting cables in any environment. With its sturdy construction and versatile design, it provides a reliable and flexible solution for all your cable management needs.

    The wire mesh cable tray is made of high-quality materials to ensure durability and longevity. The wire mesh design allows for maximum airflow and ventilation, preventing heat buildup and extending the life of the cable. The tray is also corrosion resistant and suitable for use in a variety of environments including industrial, commercial and residential.

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    One of the key features of our wire mesh cable trays is their simple installation process. With a user-friendly design and simple instructions, you can quickly and easily install the tray anywhere. The tray comes with mounting accessories for adjustable and secure mounting, ensuring cable stability and safety.

    Flexibility is another outstanding feature of our wire mesh cable trays. It can be easily customized and adjusted to meet your specific cable management requirements. The tray is available in a variety of sizes and configurations, giving you the freedom to choose the model that best suits your cables. Plus, it can be easily cut or shaped to fit obstacles and corners, allowing for a seamless installation in even the most challenging spaces.

    5-6mm thick edge rail angle steel and 5-6mm thick horizontal flat steel. Side rail U-shaped steel, cross-sectional size: 33mm * 42mm * 33mm Rung U-shaped steel, cross-sectional dimensions: 28mm * 34mm * 28mm, 1.5-3mm Width: 100mm-1000mm Length: 2000mm or 3000mm Applications: Telecom rooms, network rooms, data centers, and telecom bases. Indoor use: aluminum cable ladder and steel cable ladder (electro galvanized treatment) Features: High quality galvanized cold steel is used, with indoor galvanized and outdoor hot-dip galvanized. Easy assembly and easy installation.

    Safety is always a top priority when it comes to cable management. Our wire mesh cable trays are packed with a variety of safety features to ensure cable protection and organization. The open mesh design facilitates maintenance and troubleshooting, reducing the risk of accidents. The tray also features rounded edges and a smooth surface, eliminating sharp edges that could damage cables or injure personnel.

    In addition to being functional, our wire mesh cable trays are also aesthetically pleasing, making them a great choice for both functional and decorative purposes. The sleek, modern design enhances the look of any space while blending seamlessly with existing decor. This makes our wire mesh cable trays an ideal solution for office spaces, data centers, retail environments and more.
    Investing in our wire mesh cable tray means investing in a reliable, efficient cable management solution that will simplify your operations and improve the overall functionality of your space. Our wire mesh cable trays offer durability, ease of installation, flexibility and safety at an unbeatable price-performance ratio.

    In summary, our wire mesh cable trays are the perfect choice for those looking for a reliable, flexible, and stylish cable management solution. With its superior construction, simple installation process, customizable design, and focus on safety, it is the ultimate solution for organizing and supporting cables in any environment. Upgrade to our wire mesh cable tray today and experience the impact it can have on your cable management system.

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