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  • Concrete Insert Channel

    • Qinkai slotted steel concrete insert C channel

      Qinkai slotted steel concrete insert C channel

      Lugs are punched continuously along the channel length at 200mm centres. Supplied with foam insert for installation.
      Concrete Insert Channel/Strut section is manufactured from strip steel to the following AS standards:
      * AS/NZS1365, AS1594,
      * Galvanised to AS/NZS4680, ISO1461

      Concrete insert channel series incorporates the use of seal capsand eliminates the need for styrene foam fill, saving installation time and clean-up time after installation. Seal caps can withstand higher concrete pressure during pour.

      foam-filled channel

      Material: carbon steel
      Finish: HDG
      Used for Beam Flange Width: customizable
      Features: Functional design insures proper fit for all beam sizes.
      Tie rod locks clamp in place when nuts are tightened.
      Ordering and stocking simplified because of one universal size.
      Design allows hanger rod to swing from vertical providing flexibility at the beam clamp