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  • Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray for data centre

    Short Description:

    1、High speed of installation

    2、High speed of deployment

    3、Raceway flexibility

    4、Fiber protection

    5、Strength and durability

    6、Frame-retardant materials rated V0.

    7、Tool-less products boast easy and quick installation including snap-on cover, hinged over option as well as quick exits.

    Straight sections: PVC
    Other plastic parts: ABS

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    Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray is according to foreign advanced fiber cable management concept, fully consider the rapid development of domestic fiber communication business and the importance of fiber routing management

    Our company push a new fiber cable management system, which aims to provide wiring frame to the optical transmission equipment of optical fiber channel groove and cover plate made of PVC, ABS flame retardant material, accessories and accessories cover plate made of ABS flame retardant material, protect fiber corrugated hose main component is polypropylene (PP).

    The flame retardant performance of all plastic parts reaches the FV-0 level in GB / T2408-2008, ensuring no toxic gas production in extreme environments.

    Introduction1. Fiber duct is a system designed to protect and route fiber optical patch cords, cable assemblies from network cabinet, ODF and other devices.

    2. Fiber duct offers ideal solutions for optical raceway requirements and applications with elegant appearance and easy maintenance.

    3. Flame-retardant materials rated GB/T2048-2008 FV-0.

    4. Materials: 1) Straight Sections: PVC, 2) Other Plastic Parts: ABS

    cable tray parts



    Easy to install,good flame retardant property,and is the best ideal facilities for optical protecting.
    Traces on the cable for the room.
    Protects the fiber from damage.
    Ensure that the fiber meets the minimum turning radius
    Supports multi-directional fiber alignment.
    Provide redundant storage space jumper.


    Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray with yellow color, color mark: Pantone123C main technical indicators and advantages of enclosed structure, fully protect the fiber from damage subject using flame retardant engineering plastic, smooth surface, beautiful style ensure fiber radius of curvature 40mm in addition to provide fixed fiber outlet, and active fiber optional, can meet the equipment room equipment expansion needs reliable connection, fixed ways, can use hanging installation, bottom support installation, or other bridge fixed installation according to the need can provide fiber storage function, and meet the needs of changing direction


    Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray parameter
    Specification 60mm,120mm, 240mm, 360mm
    Length 2000mm , 3000mm or customization
    Height 100mm
    Material PVC
    Color yellow 116c, orange 021c or customization
    Max Loading 120mm - Max. Working Load per 2 meter : 100kg
      240mm - Max. Working Load per 2 meter : 220kg
      360mm - Max. Working Load per 2 meter : 300kg

    If you need know more about Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray. Welcome to visit our factory or send us enquiry.

    Detail Image

    cable tray assembly way

    Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray Package

    cable tray package

    Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray Process Flow

    cable tray process

    Qinkai  Fiber Optic Runner Cable Tray Project

    cable tray projetc

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