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    T3 Ladder Tray System is designed for trapeze supported or surface mounted cable management and is ideally suited to small, medium and large size cables such as TPS, data comms, Mains & sub mains.
    T3 offers full integration saving the installer from having to carrying two ranges of accessories.

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    Load and Deflection data is derivd from tests performed in a NATAcertified testing environment in accordance to NEMA VE1-2009STANDARDS.ALL Ladders exceed the class designation that has been applied to the product.Load data is based on single spans resulting in worst case scenaril.Deflections listed in our table are based on continuous spans,single span installation will result in increased deflection,for single spans multiply the corresponding deflection by 2.5 For further information regarding Nema VE 1-2009 Standards.Safety Factor 1.5 over collapse load.
    T3 CABLE TRAY parts



    Qinkai ET3 cable trays are capable of maintaining all types of cabling, such as:
    power cables, control cables, compensation cables, shielded cables, high-temperature cables, computer cables, signal cables, coaxial cables, fire-resistant cables, marine cables, mining cables, aluminum alloy cables, etc


    The ET3 cable tray provides premium performance for commercial and light industrial electrical projects.

    The tray offers a 43mm cable laying depth, with widths ranging from 150-600mm, and standard lengths of 3m.

    Strong, versatile and easy to install, its excellent performance characteristics combined with a visually appealing profile has made it the highest regarded tray product in the electrical industry. For general use inside, with a clean looking finish, the tray is offered in pre-galvanised steel, however for extra corrosion protection if it is exposed to the elements, hot dip galvanised ET3 cable trays are available. Aluminium options are available by special order.

    The ET3 is also complemented by a full range of accessories to enable fast on site fabrication of tees, risers, bends and crosses.


    Qinkai ET3 cable tray parameter
    Ordering Code Cable Laying Width W (mm) Cable Laying Depth (mm) Overall Width (mm) Side Wall Height (mm)
    T3150 150 43 168 50
    T3300 300 43 318 50
    T3450 450 43 468 50
    T3600 600 43 618 50


    load and deflection
    Span M Load per M (kg) Deflection (mm)
    3 35 23
    2.5 50 18
    2 79 13
    1.5 140 9

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    T3 CABLE TRAY assembly way

    Qinkai T3 Ladder Type Cable Tray Inspection


    Qinkai T3 Ladder Type Cable Tray Package


    Qinkai T3 Ladder Type Cable Tray Process Flow


    Qinkai T3 Ladder Type Cable Tray Project

    T3 CABLE TRAY project

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