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  • Qinkai Market Type o Clip Hole Saddle Clamp Conduit Pipe Clamps

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    Common metal pipe clamp R type, U type (also known as O type or N type pipe clamp), a line clamp, coated steel wire clamp, Marine pipe clamp, multi-pipe clamp, double pipe clamp and other types, can be selected according to the specific use environment.

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    *Unique Fast Release Structure. *Suitable for Both Indoor and Outdoor Applications. *Pipe Size Range: 12-114mm. *Material: Galvanized Steel/EPDM Rubber (RoHs, SGS Certificated). *Anti-Corrosion, Heat Resistance. *Fast Delivery Time: Within 35 Days.

    Includes easy closing mechanism Combo head bolt works with slotted, hex, or Phillips drivers Category II noise reduction according to DIN EN ISO 3822-1 Compliant for sound insulation design according to DIN 4109

    pipe clamp type1
    pipe clamp type

    1.Two screws pipe clamp with compact structural design of the clamp enables simple and full piping insulation without larger overlap in the area of the toggle and closing device.

    All this is possible even using a small thickness of insulating material.

    2.Screws have a combined head with a cross and a slot.

    3.The pipe clamp is checked regarding noise protection according to DIN 4109.

    4.It prevents the action of electrolysis.

    5.Two-screw pipe clamps satisfy the highest requirements while mounting on walls, ceilings and floors but also in connection with pipes used in sanitary installations.

    6.Large opening angle for easy insertion of the pipes.

    7.Two-screw pipe clamp with patented rapid locking and readjusting mechanism.

    8.Because of reliable click mechanism, the pipe can be preinstalled and adjusted easily.

    9.Two-screw pipe clamp with rubber inlay. EPDM rubber resistant to aging.

    10.Locking screw secured against loss.


    Qinkai Pipe Clamp parameter
    Size from 13mm to 509mm
    Material Stainless Steel,Alloy steel,Carbon Steel,Brass,Aluminum and So on
    Grade 4.8,8.8,10.9,12.9.etc
    Standard GB, DIN, ISO, ANSI/ASTM, BS, BSW, JIS etc
    Non-standards OEM is available, according to drawing or samples
    Finish Plain, black, zinc plated/according to your requirement
    Machining Equipment Machining Center / CNC Lathes / Grinding Machines / Milling Machines / Lathes / Wire-cuts / Laser Cuts / CNC Shearing Machines /
    CNC Bending Machines / etc.
    Certification ISO9001,CE
    Package according to customers requirement
    size of band 2.0x25
    Code Fixing Range(mm) Bolt Steel Section(mm) Nut
    QK80 82.4 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK100 103.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK125 128.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK140 143.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK150 153.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK160 163.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK180 183.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK200 203.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK224 227.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK250 253.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK280 284.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK300 304.6 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK315 319.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK355 359.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK400 404.8 M6 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK450 456.4 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK500 504.8 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK560 564.8 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK600 604.8 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK630 636 M10 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK710 716 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK800 806 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK900 906 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK1000 1007.2 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK1120 1127.2 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10
    QK1250 1257.2 M12 2.0x25 M8/M10

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    Qinkai Pipe Clamp Inspection

    pipe clamp inspection

    Qinkai Pipe Clamp Package

    pipe clamp package

    Qinkai Pipe Clamp Project

    pipe clamp project

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