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  • Qinkai Metal Stainless Steel Wire Mesh Cable Tray with OEM and ODM service

    Short Description:

    Qinkai wire mesh cable support system is made of ASTM A510 high-strength steel wire.

    Full automatic welding process produces continuous wire mesh, forming Qinkai wire mesh cable bridge system.

    Standard 2 ″ x4 ″ (50 × 100mm) the design of the screen pattern has the maximum flexibility and the straight edge appearance different from the corrugated edge tray, which is convenient for on-site cutting, bending, assembly and cable leading out.
    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray has excellent performance in commercial and light industrial applications.
    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray is equipped with all the accessories you need. Straight and wavy edges can be selected by customers.

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    The qinkai wire mesh cable support system is an economical wire management system designed to support and protect wires and cables. The Qinkai basket type cable tray system is made of high-quality, corrosion-resistant and chemical resistant durable steel.

    The delivery length of basket cable tray is 118 inc./3000 mm. The width is 1 inch to 24 inches/25 mm to 600 mm, and the height is 1 inch to 8 inches/25 mm-200 mm.

    All mesh cable trays are made of round stainless steel, which is very gentle for cables, pipes, installers and maintenance personnel.

    wire mesh part



    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray can maintain all types of cables, such as voltage of cables:
    0.6/1KV 1.8/3KV 3.6/6KV 6/6KV 6/10KV
    8.7/10KV 8.7/15KV 12/20KV 18/30KV 21/35KV 26/35KV


    Heavy mesh cable tray is made of serrated longitudinal steel wire and double bottom steel wire to ensure heavy load bearing capacity.

    The distance between consoles is 3000 mm, and the pallet can withstand a point load of 200 kg without causing continuous damage. For safety reasons, walking on the cable tray is not allowed.

    The strength of cable tray is three times that of traditional cable tray, similar to that of cable ladder. Tee cable tray, cross cable tray, elbow and angle steel can be manufactured in the same simple and fast way as traditional cable tray. All accessories used for assembly and installation are the same as those used for traditional wireways.

    Heavy duty basket type cable tray is 100 to 600 mm wide and made of hot dip galvanized stainless steel acid resistant steel.

    The qinkai grid cable tray has the following standard finishes, can be customized, has different widths and load depths, and is suitable for various applications, including main service entrance, main power feeder, branch wiring, instrument and communication cables

    wire basket cable tray and cable tray accessories are widely used in many industries, such as data center, energy industry, food production line etc.


    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray parameter
    Product Parameter
    Product type Wire mesh cable tray / Basket cable tray
    Material Q235 Carbon Steel/Stainless Steel
    Surface Treatment Pre-Gal/Electro-Gal/Hot dipped galvanized/Powder coated/Polishing
    Packing method Pallet
    Width 50-1000mm
    Side rail height 15-200mm
    Length 2000mm,3000mm-6000mm   or   Customization
    Diameter 3.0mm,4.0mm,5.0mm,6.0mm
    Color Silver,yellow,red,orange,pink..


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    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray Inspection

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    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray Package

    wire mesh package

    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray Process Flow

    wire mesh production flow

    Qinkai wire mesh cable tray Project

    wire mesh project

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