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  • Qinkai Ribbed Slotted Channel with Metal Stainless Steel Alumnium Alloy

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    C Channels are mainly used to mount, brace, support and connect lightweight structural loads in structures. These include pipes, electrical and data wires, mechanical systems such as ventilation and air conditioning, solar panel mounting system.

    It is also used for other applications that require a strong framework, such as equipment racks, workbenches, shelving systems etc.
    Strut channel provides light structural support for wiring, plumbing, or mechanical components. It has inward-facing lips for mounting nuts, braces, or connecting angles to join lengths of strut channels together. It is also used to connect pipes, wire, threaded rods, or bolts to walls. Most strut channel has slots in the base to facilitate interconnection or to fasten the strut channel to building structures. Strut channel is easy to connect and modify, and different channel styles can be mixed and matched. It’s commonly used in the electrical and construction industries. Strut channel can be used to create a permanent structure that supports wiring around a property, or it can temporarily store different types of machinery and wires for short-term projects.

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    Qinkai provides a complete range of cable tray accessories, cable tray components and accessories. QK aluminum or steel slot is one of the accessories.

    The support slot is divided into ordinary steel slot, slotted slot and back to back slot support.

    Support channel steel materials include rolled steel, pre galvanized steel, hot-dip galvanized steel and 304/316 stainless steel. Channel steel used for solar system, steel structure, cable bridge management system solution, cable management service solution, telecommunication trunking system, etc.

    QK pillar channel is an original metal frame system with unique healthy connection. The QK strut access system eliminates welding and drilling and is easy to adjust for unlimited configurations.




    With extraordinary market expertise, we manufacture and supply pillar channels in Qinkai. The pillar channels provide an ideal framework for all support systems. Easy to install and add support application network flexibly without any welding. The channels provided are widely used in cable tray systems, wiring systems, steel structures, and supports to support electrical conduits and pipes, and have high requirements in many industries or enterprises. The channel is made of innovative technology and high-quality raw materials. In addition, our respected customers can use these pillar channels at affordable prices within the promised time. The main advantage of column access in construction is that there are many options for connecting lengths and other items to column access quickly and easily using a variety of special column fasteners and bolts.

    1.C channel inner curling with serration, has the functions of anti-shear, anti-slip, anti-shock, etc., and can form a good match with related accessories.

    2.The surface is treated with appearance, no post-maintenance is required, which improves the anti-corrosion performance of the product and is beautiful


    Qinkai Ribbed Slotted Channel parameter
    Product Name Slotted Strut Channel ( C Channel, Slotted Channel)
    Material Q195/Q235/SS304/SS316/Aluminum
    Thickness 1.0mm/1.2mm/1.5mm/1.9mm/2.0mm/2.5mm/2.7mm12GA/14GA/16GA/0.079''/0.098''
    Cross Section 41*21,/41*41 /41*62/41*82mm with slotted or plain1-5/8'' x 1-5/8''     1-5/8'' x 13/16''
    Length 3m/6m/customized10ft/19ft/customized
    Load Rating & Deflection of size 41*41*1.6mm

    Load Rating & Deflection of size 41*41*1.6mm

    Max load notes: loading is static and should be applied as a Uniformly Distributed Load. Published values are for plain channels, based on a simply supported beam.

    Span (mm)

    Max. Allowable Load (kg)

    250 728
    500 364
    750 243
    1500 121
    3000 61

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    Detail Image

    ribbed slot channel assembly

    Qinkai Ribbed Slotted Channel Inspection

    ribbed slot channel inspection

    Qinkai Ribbed Slotted Channel Package

    ribbed slot channel package

    Qinkai Ribbed Slotted Channel Process Flow

    slotted channel production cycle

    Qinkai Ribbed Slotted Channel Project

    ribbed slot channel project

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